Artistic Research Result

After doing research about the right gadget to hack, (chosing the Ljusa of IKEA), and an LTC energy harvesting chip (LTC3105), and lots of solar panels we made a wearable where solar energy can be compared with muscle energy.

The setup of a game was chosen: the wearer plays a game with as opponent the Sun.

The wearable was chosen to have the option of playing the game on different locations because you wear the game around in the world as a garment.

Version 1: a test version on a jeans:

first version electronics: (compare this to the third version 🙂

2015-03-17 10.38.49

Not yet on a wearable: (four LED’s for the Sun and the player each).


Version 2: the first version on a dress:

LED’s for the Sun and the player extended to 8. One microcontrollers for  each player.2015-03-12 07.51.57#1

Version 3: second version with ordered electronics:

The idea was to recover the energy that is generated during the game, charging the lipo, using a LTC3105 chip. This chip keeps the voltage at 5V until no energy is left for charging.

electronics in 4 boxes:

(See this post for details:

electronics on the dress

inside of the dress:

2015-04-06 14.40.20

A totally remade dress of  recycled jeans: (version with big LED’s)


The third version had nice big LED’s, but in the sunlight these LED’s did not produce a visible effect, so these were replaced with smaller super bright LED’s:


This version can be played but there are features:

In full Sun the solar cell is charging so fast that discharging is a problem (after winning one game).

Using the two ATtiny85 is a stupid choice: they will be replaced by a ATmega328. Then also the bitshifters can be avoided. Placing the script fr the two players inside one microcontroller will help imrpoving the script.




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